Enhanced by quirkiness, drinks and golf, we will provide you with all your perfect evening needs; from drinks to snacks, cocktails to ice creams. Take time out before or after a BCK YRD GOLF game and unwind completely with entertainment and drinks.

With two 9 hole courses through our scrap yard themed venue, we want you to putt like you’ve never putted before. Take a bathtub selfie, shoot through the hoops in the UV tunnel, and just you wait until we smash you with our dodgem.

Come along with your partner, friends, family and colleagues, book your slot now!

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Catch Jack with his trousers down on the pooper. Putt your way through our UV Tunnel , shoot a Loop de Loop in a beat up tyre, and say hello to our friendly pirate before smashing your balls into the washing machine.


Skate your way around the half-pipe (please don’t drop-in), putt around the dodgem, have a smash in the bathtub (and take your selfie), we took beer pong to the next level, see what you’re made off and finish feeding Sid.